Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ultra Fun

This Saturday I ran my first 50K (31miles) which technically qualifies as an Ultra Marathon. So awesome! It was a trail run in the parks on Staten Island. Saturday was cold, dark, and muddy...nice. The trail was in okay shape given the destruction still apparent from the hurricane. Some spots had wood planks to balance on, deep muddy spots, and climbing over fallen tree trunks. I thought I was in the back of the group (like last...I saw no-one for some 10 miles) the first loop but going out for the second loop I started to realize I was actually closer to the front for the females. 3 gel's, 2 pretzels, a few goldfish, and a redbull later I was rolling into the finish line feeling pretty good! I came in third for the females which made me laugh as I was totally not expecting that!

Yay I finished!

The course...

I'm not going to lie it was a little freaky at times all alone in the woods...

LOL-can you believe this! I got a trophy!!

Feeling good...SO looking forward to a hot coffee and movies in bed post-run.


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