Saturday, September 8, 2012

MBFW '12

NY Fashion Week is in full swing and today I was invited to hit the Herve Leger show with a girlfriend. It was awesome! So FUN! The show had a hint of a dominatrix vibe happening with these fabulous thick corset-like belts (reminiscent of the Alaia ones from a few years ago that I'm still obsessed with). Maybe Max read the 50 shades trilogy?! ;) The color palette was mostly neutrals with black, nude, azure blue, and white taking the lead. I was loving all of the cut-outs (remember the paper snowflakes you used to make in art class) on the dresses and swim wear. Which speaking of...if you didn't get your Herve bandage swimsuit this year, make sure to save up for summer 2013 because they are AMAZING. happy, happy day.


Backstage at Herve Leger. I kept it casual in the heat with this Herve Leger skirt, A Wang tee, Levi's vest, Zara heels, and Celine bag.

MBFW Spring '13


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  1. Amazing experience!!!
    Thanks for the insider's info about what to expect from Herve Leger ;)


By Tiffany Phipps