Monday, August 13, 2012


Feeling grateful today for all of the amazing pieces that make up life. It's funny what situations make you stop and realize what really matters and it's so important to take a moment and realize how lucky we all are!

Since we are coming into the final weeks of summer I plan to soak up my favorite things that make summer special.

1) Outdoor running...biking...hiking...

2) Summer fruit-PEACHES, nectarines, pluots, awesome.

3) Short Shorts...and it being totally appropriate

4) Relaxing out East with friends!

5) Crisp glass of rose...preferably beachside.

Some pic's from this summer:

Aspen in Summertime

NYC from the water at sunset

The BEST part of my morning commute...Grand Central

China Great Wall

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  1. Lovely post!!
    I agree with all the things you mentioned about summer time and definitely about being grateful.


By Tiffany Phipps