Monday, July 16, 2012

Time Off...

A week "off" from blogging, 4 weeks from running, and I am ready to start training again. I had a bum ankle and was advised to totally stop running for 4 weeks...this is cruel to someone who is coming off a marathon high and diving head first into training for my first Ultra Marathon (53 mi.). am I going to get up to 50mi/week with a MONTH off from running?! Luckily, time flies. I'm there and feeling really great about my slow start into a 7-mo training plan.

Anyone who is a runner has read 'Born To Run' by Christopher McDougall and he basically started the "natural" running philosophy. I am of course on board with the idea but can't stand the look of the Vibram Five Fingers shoes...this is a fashion blog after all. So I settled (in the name of baby steps) on New Balance Minimus's new collection for my entre into natural running. The shoe combines a minimal Vibram sole with a 4mm heel drop and lightweight upper. Tomorrow I'll try them out on a tiny 3-mi run. Getting excited...


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