Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Friend...

In a moment of mental instability I decided to register for my first Ultra Marathon...yep, a whopping 85km (53 Miles) trail-run up and down mountains, in forests, over water falls, and pretty much any other terrain you can imagine. The race is next March in New Zealand and will be craziness to a new level. I'm STOKED!! Anyways...I've been running a lot to keep my stamina on long distances and I just picked up one of my favorite training tools. A foam roller!! It was like finding a long lost friend. I love rolling out muscles after runs or intense workouts and this little mini one is perfect for my small apartment. So excited...

If you workout, run, cycle, or spend too much time on the couch you should invest in a foam roller. It's awesome for your muscles, circulation, and feels amazing.


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  1. I have one and I just used it this morning. Awesome and necessary!!!


By Tiffany Phipps