Monday, May 28, 2012


I absolutely LOVED's an awesome city. This is a city I could live in for awhile. I wanted to share a few pic's from my (too) short time there. I need to go back-ASAP. Wow, I need WAY more vacation time.

I was a little banged up after the marathon but managed to throw on this yellow ensemble from J. Crew to brighten things up a bit. J. Crew linen sweater, shorts, Chloe flats, YSL bag, and Ray Ban sunglasses.

View of Pudong from the Bund

such a tourist...

Shopping at Xintiandi

Why yes, I would love an iced coffee with Soy. The good and the bad-you can get Starbucks everywhere!

Everywhere we went in Shanghai they were playing Kenny G (and mostly his Christmas album?)...this guy was giving a live concert from a hotel balcony. A little hilarious.

Don't interrupt the jazz...

Shanghai has it's share of crazies too...

BEST...and I mean BEST meal we had. Traditional Shanghainese food at 1221!

Looking a little busted after 10 hours of site seeing and walking around. Can you blame a girl!?

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  1. Love the pictures Tiffany, I've always heard great things about Shanghai, invited once and past it up, never again; after too take the time off whenever the oppurtunity is there. Glad you had such a great trip.


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