Friday, May 25, 2012

Am I speaking Chinese?

While touring around Beijing I quickly realized no-one could understand all. Even the few words I knew in Chinese, no-one seamed to understand. Apparently I was not speaking Chinese. Beijing is an enormous city that I personally found to lack a bit in charm and character. However, we enjoyed spending time outside Beijing in Tianjin hitting local markets and being the only 'tourists' around. Here are some photo's of the local flare...

I love these linen sweaters from J. Crew right now. They have a bit of stretch so they don't wrinkle but are still light and airy-perfect for warm weather!

J. Crew linen sweater, J Brand cut-off jean shorts, and YSL Tribute bag.

Oh yeah, you know I had to take a ride in one of those rickshaws!

Everything is available at the local market...

Can I take you home...SO adorable.


Local fashion


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  1. K...I am starting to become a fan of your blog...especially since some of my pics are appearing on your blogs..haha! Nice work identifying the Chinese fashion pics :) ~ SK


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