Saturday, January 28, 2012


Karl Lagerfeld launched his new lower priced line KARL this week...and in my typical fashion I was really excited to get on Net-A-Porter to see the line. I even set my phone to alert me at 10:30AM on Wed (official launch time) so that I could get on and check out the goods. After looking at the line I was, well...a bit underwhelmed. Mr. Lagerfeld is an absolute genius when it comes to innovation and pushing the limit's of women's fashion. I was expecting to have my socks knocked off with wildly new looks and reaching for my credit card by 10:35AM. When in fact his new line looked more like someone raided his closet than something truly original...The clothes look like, well, Karl. I love Mr. Lagerfeld but I'm not ready for us to be twinies quite yet. Take a look for yourself...

Mr. Lagerfeld is known for his stiff collar and finger-less gloves...two trends he repeats in the collection.


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  1. Nice collection. They all look beautiful and lovely.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


By Tiffany Phipps