Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tom Ford Beauty

What do you get when you cross an amazing designer with a perfectionist? Enter, Tom Ford Beauty.

I've been long awaiting this launch since I first heard that Mr. Ford was going to do a make-up line last year. He is one of my all-time favorite designers because of the vibrant colors he is so not afraid to use. He is also a complete perfectionist and places quality above all other attributes. When you bring these traits to a beauty line you get amazing pigment and high quality product that is beautifully packaged. I almost FEEL more glamorous just looking at the stuff. Which is probably why I jumped at the opportunity to get a full tutorial and application at the launch Tuesday night @ Bergdorf Goodman. I missed Ford in person by 5 minutes...damn.


This is such a subtle sexy love.

Just as suspected the colors are so fall and wonderful I was torn over palettes and the feel of everything is light and creamy. The winners (in my opinion) of the group included: Eye Brow pencil, Lip Stick, Blush (hello color), Foundation Stick (creamy goodness), Brushes (OHH...the brushes), and this unbelievable scent called Rouge Jasmine that I just couldn't leave the store without. I literally could have bought every eye shadow palette as well but I was wiped out...Mr. Ford doesn't come cheap. :)

Cheers to Fab Fall Make-Up! XO-Tiff


  1. love all the things! nice post :)!

  2. oh, the nail polish! i love. great post!

  3. My first of the collection was the True Coral lipstick - love it as well!


By Tiffany Phipps