Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raw Food Cleanse

Getting ready for one of my bestie's weddings this weekend in Aspen I'm raw-ing it up for a little pre-wedding GLOW!! Of course this needed some help from my friends at Organic Avenue...

With a little cranky-ness, boatloads of raw fruits and veggies, and a few workouts (yoga and soul cycle) I'll be refreshed and ready to jet off to one of my favorite places in the world. I can't wait to relax and laugh with good friends. So excited!!

Organic Avenue is awesome if you're a NYC'er. The Chai Love Smoothie (Alkaline Water, Cashew, Hemp Seeds, Dates, Himalayan Salt, Vanilla, Irish Moss, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Allspice) is to-die-for delicious, it's a must try. Also really good is the Raw Lasagna (I've tried versions from Juice Press/One Lucky Duck and this one is tops). I also force myself to take an E3 Live Elixir in the tastes like grass only herb-ier. It's WAY better than the Chlorophyll elixir which I about choked on the first time I shot it back...bad, very very bad tasting. Anyways, my "cleanses" always consists of a ton of food...just organic raw food that is totally healthy and packed full of vitamins. My personal rule is that you cannot feel hungry on a cleanse. Hungry + Cleanse = Binge ;)

Nope, this is not food for the's what I'll eat tomorrow!

Go get a smoothie. XO-Tiff

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  1. haha i'm glad you answered my question - "omg, is that all you're eating for the entire WEEK?" :-) i'm eyeing the apple crisp.


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