Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6 Current Favorites...

It's time for an updated list of current favorites because I'm such a product, clothing, accessory freak that it changes frequently. I mean what have you done for me lately! ;) Luvvee these 6!

1) Otte Burgundy Hat - I died when I saw this. You'll be seeing a lot of it this fall. Perfect to spice up a boring outfit and did I mention it's Burgundy!!

2) Alba Botanical SPF 15 Body Lotion - FINALLY! Someone made a body lotion for everyday use with SPF. We all know that sun exposure is the #1 cause of skin damage. I've been looking for a body lotion that contained SPF for everyday wear for awhile. This one actually smells good and doesn't feel like you're wearing sunscreen.

3) Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist - Calming, soothing, moisturizing, organic...do you need anything else. I literally keep this in my desk at work and spritz on my face and decolletage whenever the heck I feel like it...usually a couple times a day (right over my make-up).

4) Whole Foods Natural Fiber Bath Brush - Reading a lot about ayurveda dry brushing and the benefits to your skin and body (read about it in the Yoga Journal here) so I thought I would give it a whirl. It actually feels really good (once you get past the oddness), takes 10 seconds before you hop in the shower, and makes your skin super soft!

5) RGB Rust colored nail polish - Another goodie from my swag bag on FNO that I am super excited about. The color rust is everywhere and goes with everything...perfect fall shade.

6) Eco Jewelry - Loving the colorful Native American and African jewelry that is popping up everywhere. This cuff from Otte is perfect for a pop of color, made from sustainable materials, and all the proceeds go to support women in Africa. Now THAT'S sustainable.


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  1. oooh love the hat~ Saw those in the fall Bloomingdales edition and love!


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