Saturday, August 13, 2011

Current Favorites...

In order from Left to Right...

Three More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment which I sleep in every few nights to keep my long hair healthy.
Eos shaving cream-it's natural and smalls awesome.
Moroccain Oil-the original. This is so light that I can use it on my thin hair (just at the tips)!
White iPhone for work...this baby makes me 30% more efficient. I swear, it's scary.
Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine-I love this in my hair when I'm doing waves. It's hard to describe but gives just enough "mess" to make it cute.
Eminence Tinted Moisturized SPF 25 in Caramel...I hate foundation so I always use a tinted moisturized with SPF. I do this one with a squirt of moisturizer. If it's the day I'll add a pump of SPF 80 to up the ante....
Sultra Bombshell curling iron....this is the best clip-less curler around! My hair does NOT do the wavy hair look very easily...this get's me pretty darn close and takes me less than 7 minutes. I wish I had discovered this earlier. If you want to do this. I promise you'll love it. PS-Don't forget the safety glove unless you want a nasty burn, this baby get's HOT. ;)


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