Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work Horse

Work bags are just that...worked to the bone. Hauling them around in rain, heat, snow, taxi, train, subway, and car they take a beating. In NYC this is magnified. You've got to have a durable work bag to make it through a season...literally. Don't even ask me about the Nylon Prada that had a zipper malfunction on the subway. Not good!

I use this one by was a gift from someone special for completing the NYC marathon last year. Now...if I had known a Goyard bag was at the end of those 26.2 miles, I might have picked up the pace a bit. THAT'S motivation. :)

Love the Marigold Lining!

Don't want to spend your 401K on 'Good Ol Trusty'...Here are some other options that seem up to the job...and HOT for that matter. 

Reed Krakoff Grey Tote
Mulberry Bayswater in Classic Black

Proenza Schouler PS1 Extra Large Leather

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  1. i love the mulbberry one:)


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