Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raw Cleanse = Cranky Pants

I wanted to start the week off I decided to do a day of raw food and juices for a mini-detox. I am a HUGE fan of One Lucky Duck, Organic Avenue, and Liquiteria in NYC. Every week I stock green juice and other raw items in my fridge to take to the office. I will post a ton more on this topic later because I could go on for days about raw food....yep I'm one of those people. However, I recently discovered The Juice Press in the East Village and decided to give it a try.

Today's Food...2 Juices, Raw Oatmeal, Raw Salad, Nectarine, Raw Kale Chips (1 serving), and Raw cookies. Mmmm.

Now...let's be honest. Cleansing always makes me a little bit of a cranky pants. I mean who doesn't get cranky when all you eat is raw juice and food for the day!? What I LOVE about cleansing is that it makes you realize (quickly) what foods you crave and need to cut back on. It also is amazing for your skin, body, and makes you feel great inside/out...that is, after the cranky phase has passed. :)

Cheers to a big glass of RAW juice! XO

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