Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC Tourist Weekend

This past weekend I was a New York tourist all over again exploring downtown New York. I stumbled upon an exhibit of Sol LeWitt structures in City Hall Park! They looked amazing in the urban park setting. Sol LeWitt was an American Artist (1928-2007) that became popular in the 60's with his minimalist 'structures.' Take the train downtown and check it out, it's in City Hall Park until this December.

Haha-tourist style. ;)

Later, I took the Ferry over to Governor's Island to meet up with some friends for a ride around the island and some snacks at Water Taxi Beach. How have I not been on Governor's Island before?! It's really awesome! You can rent a bike from Bike N'Roll and cruise around this car-free island. There are live bands, out-door trapeze school, Water Taxi Beach restaurant, and tons of open green space to throw a ball or have picnic. I will be coming back again for sure. What fun times!

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