Monday, June 6, 2011

Leather Shorts = Oxymoron

Why leather shorts...?! Isn't the point of leather to keep you warm. Yeah I don't know...but I love them. Really anything leather. Leather just screams rocker and I think I'm always trying to dress more rough and edgy than I appear. Leather helps me in that area. :)

Maje Expo Leather Shorts at

These leather shorts are from Maje, a really cool French line that you can get on is my go-to for on-line shopping. They have everything you can ever want to be oh-so-fabulous in the dressing department. I paired the leather with a black tee from T by Alexander Wang, gray sweater from Comme des Garcons, and black flip flops from Louis Vuitton.

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By Tiffany Phipps