Friday, June 17, 2011

Jumpsuit Obsession

While in Venice I was on the Vaporetto (think subway on a water boat) one evening headed back to my hotel and the most fashionable women I've ever seen stepped on in this Missoni Jumpsuit that was AMAZING. Ever since, I can't get her...or her fabulous jumpsuit out of my head. Need to find. Fast.

Why are Italian women so hot?! French women are tres chic but the Italian women take the cake for being the most bombshell like. Always done up perfectly and eating pasta none-the-less. I need to introduce more bombshell into my life. Yep, I really need that jumpsuit. Done.

The Infamous Missoni Jumpsuit - Available at

This Haute Hippie Jumpsuit is perfect for summer in Neutral Nude!

Tucker makes this elegant replacement for the LBD??

M by Missoni makes this fun jumpsuit. Perfect for running around this summer!

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By Tiffany Phipps