Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shopping in NYC

NYC is obviously a hot bed for awesome places to shop. My absolute favorite boutique however is Aloha Rag in West Soho. AR's buyers have one of the best eyes and picks up some of the coolest NYC appropriate pieces. The men and woman's selections are equally as good but things get snapped up quickly and more than often only teeny tiny sizes are left.

Ohhh goodies!!

For shoes Edon Manor in Tribeca is the best. They have hard to find Alaia and Givenchy must-have's but also less expensive finds like Kat Maconie. I go to the nail salon next door and can't resist a pop-in when I'm near by. They also stock different styles of Fogal tights (the BEST) and cool sunglasses.

Edon Manor

For eye glasses I adore Facial Index in Soho. It's a Japanese brand (say "quality") that hand carves plastic frames. They do all kinds of funky frames and they did my prescription in 24 hours! That's faster than a New York Minute!

For Lingerie (and this is my area of expertise) there is really only one...the luxurious, decadent, gorgeous, and sexy Kiki de Montparnasse. It's been a slight addiction ever since I stepped foot in the dark and mysterious Soho store 4 years ago. It's crazy expensive but I look out for the bi-annual sales where I try to "clean up." They also ran a sale on Gilt some time ago which was better than Christmas.

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