Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Australia and New Zealand - Travel Diary

Pics! I'm finally getting my act together and posting some photo's. Sydney, Australia and Rotorua, New Zealand were an amazing experience! My mom came along and we had some good bonding time. Sydney kicks NYC's ass with exceptional coffee...I was downing 3-4 Soy Flat White's a DAY. Delicious. Can't wait to go back!

Picture Perfect

Bondi Beach!

Early Morning Sydney

Bodhi Vegan Resto


Bridge Climbers

Anish Kapoor at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Queen Victoria Building

Sydney Art Museum

Early AM swim in the RAIN!

Botanical Gardens

Blue Mountains

I love these guys!




He's so tired and adorable

There's a baby in there!

Warning...when you go to the animal preserve during feeding times it can get a little real. They were feeding all of the birds baby chicks. OMG!


Heading to New Zealand...getting nervous for the race!
NZ coast is amaze...

Thermal Springs in Rotorua...they're everywhere!

mud pits!